Wellspring University Research Journal

Aims and Scope

Wellspring University Research Journal (WURJN) aims to publish articles resulting from original research in the broad areas of Social and Management Sciences as well as Natural and Applied Sciences. Thus, articles embracing disciplines as Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Mass Communication, Political Science, International Relations, Management Science, Sociology etc in the Social and Management Sciences are welcome. In the Natural and Applied Sciences, articles in the general areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and the applied areas of Agriculture, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences are also welcome. Articles may be published as full-length papers or as short communications. Review articles on selected research topics may be considered for publication from invited authors. Book reviews are also welcome.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Thomas I. Ofuya

Associate Editors:

Prof. Jones Orumwense (Social and Management Sciences)

Dr. R.O. Oladimeji (Natural and Applied Sciences)

Editorial Advisory Board

Social and Management Sciences Natural and Applied Sciences
Prof. Marcel Okhaku Prof. Frederick Ikediugwu
Prof. Timothy Amos Prof. Boniface Alese
Prof. John Okunlola Prof. George Mbata
Prof. Augustine Osagiede Prof. Christoph Reichmuth
Prof. Daniel Omoweh Prof. Daniel Obeng-Ofori
Prof. Patrick Igbinovia Prof. Ganiyu Oboh
Prof. Esther Ugwu Prof. Linus Ndiokwere
Prof. David Amadasu Prof. Gerry Iremiren

One issue of the journal will be published yearly in December.

Note to Authors

The official language of the journal is English. It is expected that prior to submission, the manuscript should have been carefully reviewed for correctness and clarity of expression. Manuscripts should be typewritten with double spacing and wide margins.

There are two options for submission of manuscripts:

1. Electronic submission: The submission of articles in electronic form is most desirable and highly recommended. They should be e-mailed directly to the Editor-in-Chief. Authors should submit the complete manuscript in Microsoft document format. Please include details in the submittal information of whom the correspondence should be directed as well as the e-mail of this correspondence author. Soft copies written on recordable CD is also accepted.

2. Postal submission: the complete manuscript should be sent in triplicate to the Editor-in-Chief. Following the acceptance of a manuscript, an electronic version of the final manuscript is needed for production. Manuscripts should be arranged in the following order: title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, references, tables, and figures. To avoid delay in publication of the accepted papers, the following rules must be observed during the preparation of the manuscript.

Title: A separate title page should contain the following information: a concise title, the name(s) of the author(s), their institutional affiliations and e-mail addresses. In case of more than one author, please indicate author for correspondence.

Abstract: An abstract of not more than 400 words should be supplied on a separate page following the title page. Authors should provide 3 to 6 keywords.

Units: Use of the S.I. unit is mandatory.

Numbers: As a rule, numerals are not used to start sentences, words are preferred. In addition, words should be used for all numbers less than 10 and numerals for those greater than 10. If a number is followed immediately by a unit of measurement, use the numeral, e.g., 5g, 200m.

Latin Names: Authorities for Latin names must be indicated the first time such names are used but not subsequently. Latin words used to identify biological structures or entities should be italicized and similarly phrases like in situ, in vivo, versus, per se, et al., but not commonly used abbreviations such as etc., viz, and e.g.

Tables: Tables must be typed on separate sheets. They should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and each should bear a short descriptive and informative title. Whenever possible, tables should be submitted in a form ready for reproduction.

Figures/Illustrations: Figures/illustrations should be submitted on separate pages, clearly captioned and numbered according to sequence below each figure. Line drawings must be done in black ink on white paper. Photographs (good, glossy black and white) should not be mounted or folded. They should be labeled on the back with authors’ names in soft pencil. Figures should not be used to duplicate data already presented in tables or text or vice versa. Photographs and illustrations are considered as figures and should be referred to as such. Captions should not be written on the illustrations but should be listed on a separate sheet.

References: In the text, citations should be made by the author’s name and year of publication, e.g., “according to Ofuya and Akingbohungbe (1986)”, or as shown by an earlier study (Ofuya and Akingbohungbe, 1987)”. Two or more papers by the same author in the same year should be distinguished by a suffix (a,b, etc.) to the year of publication. Titles of published Journals, Books and Proceedings of meetings should be written in full and italicized. References should be given at the end of the paper in alphabetical and chronological order without numbering noting the following examples strictly:

Ofuya, T.I. and Akingbohungbe, A.E. 1986. Aspects of varietal resistance in cowpea to the black cowpea moth, Cydiaptychora (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Insect Science and its Applications 7, 777 780.

Ofuya, T.I. 2001. Biology, ecology and control of insect pests of stored pulses in Nigeria. In: Pests of Stored Cereals and Pulses in Nigeria: Biology, Ecology and Control, T.I. Ofuya and N.E.S. Lale (Editors), Dave Collins Publications, Akure, Nigeria. pp. 24-58.

Fenemore, P.G. 1984. Plant Pests and their Control. Butterworth & Co (Publishers), UK, 280 pp.

Peer review: All submitted manuscripts are subject to a peer-review process.

Proofs: Galley proofs will be sent to the correspondence author for final corrections after review.

Publication Charges and Reprints: Each article should be accompanied with a non-refundable handling charge of N5000 ($25). The covering letter by e-mail or post should contain details of bank payment. Each accepted article attracts a charge of N20,000 ($100) payable before publication. Authors will receive PDF copies of the journal.

Payments: Payments should be made at any branch of First City Monument Bank (FCMB). Account Name: Wellspring University. Account Number: 2123927038.

Copyright: Paper are accepted for publication with the explicit understanding that they are not being considered for publication elsewhere and as such implying that copyright is transferred automatically to the Wellspring University Research Journal, Nigeria.

Correspondence: Direct all correspondence to: The Editor-in-Chief, Wellspring University Research Journal, Research Office, Vice Chancellor’s Office, Wellspring University, Irhirhi Road, Off Airport Road, PMB 1230, Benin City, Nigeria.

Tel: + 234 (0) 8034750107

E-mail: inomisanofuya@yahoo.com; thomas_ofuyafesn@wellspringuniversity.edu.ng